Tobacco Plants

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The London Tobacco Market grows started and finished tobacco plants in the greenhouses located at the Market in London. The tobacco plants are available from April through early July.

The primary varieties of plants grown in the London Tobacco Market greenhouses are NC 7, KT 204, KT 210, KT 212 and KT 215. We can grow any variety you choose. Just tell us your preference.

We now offer Flue Cured & Dark Fired Tobacco finished plants with a minimum of 3 acres.

Plant Pricing

Plants are available at any age from four weeks to eight weeks old. The price per thousand plants changes based upon the age of the plant. Eight week old plants are $40 per thousand.

Buying Healthy Plants

The single most important part of a successful tobacco crop is healthy plants. Start with good, healthy, and disease-free plants. If you buy plants, get them from a reliable source. Make sure your plants are as disease free as possible. If you grow them, be sure to use your chemicals on the beds or in the greenhouse. If you buy your plants, make sure of several important things:

  • They have been mowed at least three times
  • They have been sprayed with Diathane or Mancozeb to reduce the likelihood of disease (angular leaf spot, powdery mildew, etc)
  • They have not been outside in the cold to where the bud has cold burn
  • All plants are greenhouse grown
  • Set your plants as soon as they are ready to go in the ground
  • Your best chance for a good crop starts with healthy, disease free plants grown professionally

If the London Tobacco Market can help any tobacco grower in any way, please call our office at 606-878-9000 or 800-867-6586.