Steyer Seeds

We offer:

• Corn
• Soybeans
• Wheat
• Alfalfa

London Tobacco Market is now selling Steyer Seeds!

STEYER is the largest family owned independent seed dealer in this country. They have excellent seed with all the latest technology and genetics. They have excellent competitive prices. They are not limited to the technology of any one company, but instead they use the best technology and best characteristics from all the companies. They have Roundup Ready ®, Roundup Ready 2 ®, GT ®, triple stack ®, Genuity ®, Liberty Link ® and other traits available. They are developing new varieties all the time. More important they have outstanding yields. We have both pre-pay discounts and quantity discounts on their seed.

STEYER also has a program to look at your particular farm, analyze the soil type and growing conditions and recommend the specific variety to optimize your yield. You can learn more about their varieties at or by calling us. We will be glad to recommend the best variety for you.

Trait Technology